4 Reasons People Fail Driving Tests and What to Do After

By Ruel
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Anyone who has ever been through the process of learning how to drive knows how nerve-wracking the final driving test can be. Despite hours of lessons, practice, and preparation, even the most confident learner drivers can find themselves struggling to pass their driving test. While failing the test can be disheartening, it's essential to keep in mind that you're not alone. Many people experience setbacks while learning to drive.

Common Reasons People Fail Driving Tests

1. Poor Observation and Judgement

One of the primary reasons people fail their driving test is inadequate observation and judgement skills. This can include failing to check mirrors and blind spots, not giving way when required, or misjudging the speed and distance of other vehicles. To improve your observation and judgement skills, practice driving in different environments and conditions, and always be aware of your surroundings.

2. Failure to Follow Road Rules

Ignoring or misunderstanding road rules is another leading cause of failure in driving tests. Ensure that you thoroughly understand all road rules and signs, including speed limits, traffic signals, and lane markings. Refresh your knowledge by re-reading the road rules handbook and consider taking a refresher course if needed.

3. Inadequate Vehicle Control

Poor control of the vehicle is another common reason for failing a driving test. This can include jerky steering, abrupt braking, or rolling back when taking off on a hill. To improve your vehicle control, practice smooth steering, braking, and acceleration techniques, and ensure you are comfortable with hill starts.

4. Nerves and Stress

It's natural to feel nervous during your driving test, but letting your nerves get the better of you can lead to mistakes. To help manage stress and anxiety, try relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, visualisation, or listening to calming music before your test. Additionally, consider taking a mock driving test with a professional instructor to familiarise yourself with the testing environment.

What to Do Next If You Fail Your Driving Test

Failing your driving test can be a frustrating and disappointing experience, but it's essential not to let it deter you from your goal of becoming a safe and competent driver. Here are some steps to take after failing your test:

1. Reflect on the Feedback

After your test, the examiner will provide feedback on the areas you need to improve. Take the time to reflect on this feedback and identify the specific skills you need to work on before retaking the test.

2. Set a New Goal

Determine a realistic timeframe for retaking your test and create a plan to address the areas that need improvement. This may involve booking additional driving lessons, practising specific skills with a supervising driver, or revisiting the road rules.

3. Learn from Your Mistakes

Use the experience of failing your test as a learning opportunity to pinpoint your weaknesses and work on them. Remember that many successful drivers have failed their driving test at least once before passing.

4. Stay Positive and Motivated

Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial in overcoming setbacks. Remind yourself of your progress and achievements so far, and remember that with practice and perseverance, you will eventually pass your test.

5. Retake the Test

Once you feel confident in your driving skills and have addressed the areas that need improvement, book your driving test again. Approach the test with a positive mindset and the determination to succeed.


Failing your driving test can be disheartening, but it's essential not to lose sight of your goal of becoming a safe and confident driver. By reflecting on your test experience, identifying areas for improvement, and developing a plan to address these issues, you'll be well on your way to acing your next driving test. Remember, practice makes perfect, and with perseverance, you'll soon be able to enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with having your driver's licence!

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