Safer Drivers Course in Sydney

Tired of jumping on your imaginary brake, pushing yourself into your seat or reaching for the grab handle above the door? We can HELP you get 20 hours of your life back FOR FREE! Just hear us out...

Learner Eligibility Criteria:

  • Learner driver must be under the age of 25 
  • They must have completed at least 50 actual driving hours in their log book (not including the 3-for-1 Structured Driving Lesson Scheme)

How can we help?

Research has shown that newly P-platers are more than 10 times more likely to be involved in a casualty crash comparing to L-platers so if that's your face while your learner is on their Ls, imagine how they would drive when they get their Ps. We spend a lot of time and money raising our kids to their best and we certainly don't go through all of those sleepless nights, exam nights and other burdens of raising a child just to let them get injured or even killed at the prime of their age, right? Sorry to be frank but it is a sad reality that people get killed on the roads and unfortunately new drivers are currently overrepresented in the statistics. The Safer Drivers Course teaches learner drivers how to be aware and alert in all different situations, how to manage their space and do not let peer influence affect them, how to think clearly and be decisive in though situations and in return, learners get 20 hours credit in their log books so you can spend 20 hours less on the roads teaching them while hanging from the handle bar for dear life and instead spend that time in your gym or spa relaxing... That's a priceless feeling, right?

The Safer Drivers Course was introduced in 2013 and throughout its life it has successfully managed to drop the number of casualty crashes involving new P-platers from nearly 900 a year to nearly 600 a year*. That's a 33% reduction. Putting it simply, 300 fewer parents will be crying on the side of a hospital bed this year, thanks to the Safer Drivers Course. It's a priceless training that is fortunately heavily subsidised by the NSW government so everyone can benefit from it without a significant financial burden.

 Why Prestige Driving School?

- Multi-Award Winning Provider

- 11 convenient locations throughout Sydney

- Courses run every single weekend (exceptions may apply)

- Completion in JUST 1 DAY

- New Friends, Free Pizza and even Desert! They're gonna love it...

The Safer Drivers Course fee is set by the government and cannot be changed by the providers so take advantage of our multi-award winning service for the very same price you would pay any other provider.

What is included in the Safer Drivers Course?



A 3 hour workshop with other learner drivers to learn how to manage risks on the road. The workshop includes 6 - 12 students, and will facilitate discussions about safe driving behaviours.

This provides a unique and engaging learning experience, and students will walk away with knowledge of: Factors which contribute to high risk driving, How to identify risks when driving & How to reduce risks when driving 



A 2 hour in-vehicle coaching session to practice a range of safe driving techniques. Module 2 is conducted with 2 students in a provided vehicle and is carried out by an accredited driving instructor.

Module 2 will educate students about safe driving techniques in a real driving scenario. Students will gain practical skills in: Following distances, Gap selection, Hazard perception & Speed management

How much does the Safer Drivers Course cost?

Weirdly enough, less than your petrol!
Spend 20 hours on the roads with your learner and you'll spend more than the price you see below at the bowser...


For general public. This is a set fee prescribed by the Transport for NSW and cannot be discounted.


For disadvantaged learners who hold a current Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card

Prestige Driving School is accredited by Transport for NSW to deliver the Safer Drivers Course.
The Safer Drivers Course logo is a trade mark of Transport for NSW of 18 Lee Street, Chippendale NSW Australia.
* In conjunction with other Transport for NSW initiatives
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