Driving Lessons

Our driving lessons are perfectly designed to take you step-by-step towards perfection. With each driving lesson you will learn all the related road rules and necessary skills to achieve the defined goal and get ready to move to the next stage.

  • Basic Skills

    • Driver Preparations and Vehicle Controls
    • Start Up and Shut Down Procedures
    • Moving Off and Stopping
    • Steering and Cornering
    • Roundabouts
    • Scanning
    • Reversing
  • Traffic Skills

    • Simple Traffic
    • Parking
    • Complex Traffic
    • Changing Lanes
    • Multi-lane Roundabouts
  • Building Experience

    • Speed Management
    • Road Positioning
    • Decision Making and Gap Selection
    • Responding to Hazards
    • Driving at Night
  • Driving Test Preparation

    Our instructors are experts in driving test preparation. They will help you to understand:

    • The skills you are expected to have in the driving test
    • How you will be assessed and marked
    • What are the “Fail Items” and how you can avoid them

    You increase your chances of passing first time when you understand how the driving test works.

 Continuous Assessment

Your instructor will continuously assess your driving and remind you of any mistakes you may have made. This will help you to avoid those mistakes and turn your good behavior into habits.

Before your test, you can ask your instructor for a mock test. The test procedure will be exactly the same as the real test. It will start from RMS parking and finish there as well. A complete simulation of the real test will help you build confidence towards the real test and you will receive comprehensive feedback on all the mistakes you have made to avoid making them again.

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