Exploring the Value of a Driving Instructor to Your Teen

By Ruel
Driving 101

The first step in learning to drive is getting a learner permit or licence. Your child must be 16 years old to obtain a permit or licence. Before getting a provisional licence in Australia, they must complete a certain number of hours of driving with a full licence holder. 

It is generally observed that most people feel the urge to start driving on their own once they hit their teenage years. If your teen is also interested in driving, it is best to help them learn properly by enrolling them in a driving school. 

This is because a driving instructor will be able to teach them better than you, and also, your child is more likely to take you seriously if you are not the one teaching them. Additionally, if you try to teach your child how to drive, you might be too cautious, which will prevent your child from being able to handle the car properly. Therefore, to make your child's driving lessons better and safer, enrolling them in a certified driving school is the best option. Here are good reasons to do so:

Accident Prevention 

People need to drive safely to avoid accidents. This is especially important for teen drivers who are still learning. A professional driving instructor can teach your teen defensive driving techniques, which will help them to avoid accidents.

Patient Instructors 

The driving instructors at this driving school are always calm and patient when teaching. If your teen is having difficulty understanding any part of the lesson, the instructor will help them out patiently without losing their cool. They make sure to help all the students patiently during the driving lessons so that they can learn all the details carefully, do well on their driving test, and drive safely on the road.

Suitable Driving Lessons 

If you want your child to have the best chance of becoming a safe and competent driver, then enrolling them in a certified driving school for learner driving lessons in Melbourne is the best option. The driving instructors at these schools are experienced and will be able to teach your child whatever course you decide on. Plus, you will be able to choose the driving lessons that best fit your needs and preferences.

Outstanding Teaching Styles

As parents, we often become too overprotective and cautious when teaching our teens how to drive. This can result in us scolding them for making any mistakes. However, this will not help your child learn. A driving instructor is both friendly and professional. They will ensure to guide your teen properly during the lessons. This will help them learn quickly.


There are several reasons to consider choosing a driving instructor over teaching your teenager to drive yourself. Driving instructors are trained and experienced in teaching people to drive so that they can provide your teen with the best possible instruction. Also, a driving school can offer a more structured learning environment than you can provide at home. If you're concerned about your teen's safety on the road, allowing a driving instructor to teach them can give you peace of mind.

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