Guide to Navigating Roundabouts Like a Pro with Prestige Driving School

By Ruel
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Roundabouts are a common feature on Australian roads, designed to ease traffic flow and improve safety at intersections. However, for new and less experienced drivers, they can often be a source of anxiety, confusion, or even intimidation. At Prestige Driving School, we are committed to providing top-quality driving lessons and guidance in and around Sydney, ensuring our students are equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge, including how to navigate roundabouts confidently.

With professional driving instructors, high test pass rates, affordable prices, and online booking, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional service to our students, helping them on their journey to becoming proficient and responsible drivers. Through our comprehensive driving lessons, we aim to address all areas of concern for our students, including the challenges associated with roundabouts.

When approaching a roundabout, it is vital to understand the traffic rules, the importance of decision-making, and how to communicate effectively with other road users. With proper guidance and practice, even the most complex roundabouts can be navigated safely and smoothly.

In this blog, we will provide a step-by-step guide to navigating roundabouts, breaking down the essential aspects such as approaching, entering, signalling, choosing lanes, and exiting. Our expert instructors will share their valuable insights to ensure that our students can conquer their trepidation surrounding roundabouts and approach them with both caution and confidence.

Not only will this blog cover the basics of roundabout navigation, but it will also provide an in-depth understanding of right of way, common misconceptions, advanced techniques, and strategies for handling more complex or multi-lane roundabouts. By following our expert guidance and practising your newly acquired skills, you will become a well-rounded driver who is prepared for real-life driving situations on the roads in and around Sydney.

Explore the world of roundabouts with Prestige Driving School and gain the confidence and expertise needed to navigate them like a pro. Remember, practice makes perfect. And with our professional driving instructors by your side, there is no better place to learn.

Approaching Roundabouts: Practical Tips and Techniques

The first step to successfully navigating roundabouts is learning how to approach them correctly. As you approach the roundabout, slow down and assess the traffic, keeping an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists. Make sure you understand which lane you should be in based on your intended exit, and use your indicators to signal your intentions to other road users. Be aware of the traffic flow within the roundabout and give way to vehicles already in the roundabout and those approaching from your right.

Entering and Navigating Roundabouts: Right of Way and Communication

Once you have assessed the situation and determined it is safe to proceed, enter the roundabout while maintaining the appropriate speed and lane positioning. Keep an eye on other vehicles and potential hazards as you progress, always being prepared to yield to those who have the right of way. Pay attention to road markings, traffic signs, and your speed, ensuring you communicate your intentions with other drivers using your indicators. Remember to be patient – understanding that others may also be learning how to navigate roundabouts, and it is crucial to maintain a safe and respectful environment for everyone.

Selecting the Correct Lane: Make Your Move Safely

Choosing the right lane is a fundamental aspect of roundabout navigation, and it may vary depending on the layout of the roundabout and your intended exit. As a rule of thumb, if you plan to turn left or continue straight, use the left lane. If you intend to turn right or perform a U-turn, use the right lane. Multi-lane roundabouts may have additional lane options, so always remain attentive to road signs and markings which may indicate specific lane usage. When changing lanes, be sure to signal, monitor your blind spots, and proceed only when it is safe to do so.

Exiting Roundabouts: Smooth Transitions and Proper Signalling

Exiting a roundabout safely is just as important as entering it. As you approach your intended exit, double-check for any approaching vehicles or other road users who may be affected by your movement. Signal your intention to exit the roundabout by using your indicators while also remembering to cancel your signal once you have completed the maneuver. Be prepared to give way to pedestrians and cyclists and maintain a steady speed as you leave the roundabout, joining the new traffic flow smoothly and without disruption.

Handling Complex Roundabouts: Expert Techniques for Advanced Navigation

In addition to the standard single-lane roundabouts, drivers may encounter more complex or multi-lane roundabouts, which demand an increased level of attention and skill. When navigating these challenging road features, it is crucial to remain calm, maintain situational awareness, and apply the principles outlined above. It can also be beneficial to approach such roundabouts with a view to planning your path from the very beginning – identifying lane positions, exit points, and any potential obstacles or hazards well in advance.


Navigating roundabouts can be a nerve-wracking experience, but by applying the tips and techniques outlined in this blog, you can approach them with confidence and skill. Patience, practice, and attentiveness are key factors to mastering roundabouts, as they allow you to process and react appropriately to the various challenges they present.

At Prestige Driving School, we are dedicated to equipping our students who need a lesson for a driving test or want the knowledge and skills required to conquer their roundabout anxiety. By booking your lessons online, you can participate in a learning experience that is tailored to suit your specific needs and concerns and feel supported every step of the way by our experienced, professional instructors.

So take control of the wheel and learn how to navigate roundabouts like a pro. With practice and the right guidance, you'll soon find that roundabouts are no longer a source of stress but simply another part of your successful driving journey.

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