How Many Driving Lessons is Ideal for You

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Most students with 80 plus hours in their NSW learner driver’s log book will need 5 to 10 hours to have a reasonable chance of passing the driving test in NSW. Unfortunately, some students develop very poor driving techniques when first learning to drive. This means they have to first break their bad habits before learning the correct way to drive.

Getting the Right Amount of Driving Lessons You Need

Most people who first start learning to drive, start with the wrong amount of driving lessons. They either sign up for too few driving lessons, or they sign up for many driving lessons. This is because they are not sure how many driving lessons they will need to pass the driving test in Australia. 

In most cases, you will need to complete at least five to ten hours of driving lessons to pass a driving test in NSW. However, the amount of time may vary as it takes plenty of practice to break bad habits, and truly apply what you learned into practice with ease. In that case, it can take up to 20 hours before you can say you know how to drive in full confidence. 

What Are the Ideal Average Hours of Lessons to Pass Your Driving Test?

There is no correct answer because there are no fixed distances or tests that reflect an average. The number of driving hours you will need will vary depending on your location, your lifestyle, how often you drive, and your attitude. 

If you want to stick to the books and follow DMV's recommendations though, then a new driver needs at least 45 hours of lessons from a driving instructor and 20 hours of additional practice with trusted friends or family to hone your skills as a driver. All in all, the ideal time for your driving lessons should be between 45-75 hours. 

Why Do You Need More Time before Taking the Test?

During the learning process, most new drivers are overly confident, and they make mistakes easily. This is because they rely on their parents and friends to help out, or they simply drive as young drivers tend to do – fast and dangerously.

What most parents and new drivers don’t realise is that if you are in a hurry to pass your driving test, you can learn the basics, but you will not pass because you cannot be efficient, confident, and safe until you have developed the correct habits associated with driving.

Learning to drive is not the same as a school subject. It takes many hours of practice and experience to become a safe and efficient driver.

A driving instructor should teach you how to drive safely in a variety of different situations, and you should practice incorporating these skills into your driving routine. For example, you can learn about the consequences of a car accident, and then practice your skills in situations that mimic car accidents.

The Bottom Line: Take the Time to Learn How to Drive Properly before Taking the Test

The only way to get better at driving is by spending time behind the wheel honing your skills. Whether you’re preparing for your driving test or simply driving for fun, you can typically complete 75 hours of driving lessons before you feel comfortable behind the wheel.

If you're looking to pass your driving test as soon as possible, then you should make sure you're reading the road signs and practising your driving techniques between driving lessons. This will give you the extra edge you need to pass the driving test in NSW, and you will be safely on your way to achieving your goals.

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