Tips on How to Ace Your Driving Test on the First Attempt

By Ruel
Driving Test Tips

You might be prepared to take your driving test and pass if you’ve been learning to drive for some time and have experienced some failures. However, you might be feeling concerned and searching for driving test advice that would enable you to pass the exam the first time.

It’s common to have fear and anxiety about clearing your driving test the first time. So this guide covers some advice you can utilise on test day to pass the first time.

Use a Car You Know

Make sure you have experience driving the automobile and are familiar with all of its key controls, whether you own the car or will be using your driving instructor’s.

Get Some Practice on Test Routes

You should definitely get some driving experience close to the testing location where you’ll take your driving test. Driving on routes close to the centre will help you get a clear picture of what to anticipate on your big day.

Be Aware of Your Blind Spots

Every time you merge, change lanes, or perform any other manoeuvre, check your mirrors and blind zones. One of the most frequent reasons for deducting points during the driving test is failing to detect blind spots. 

Additionally, always remember to conduct an observation check at a stop sign.

Make an Effort to Relax

Being in the car with a testing officer can be unsettling, but try to remain calm and approach the test like any other driving lesson. Anxiety and nervousness only make mistakes worse.

Signal Correctly

Before leaving a parking place or kerb, you must signal for at least five seconds. You should also signal for a number of seconds while changing lanes or making a left or right turn while driving.

Fully Stop at Stop Signs

A major penalty may apply if you “roll through” a stop sign without fully stopping. At every stop sign, stop completely and completely.

Pick Gaps Carefully

Safely gauging gaps in traffic involves time and practice. Trust what you’ve learned during your training, and try your best to choose gaps safely. But don’t be uncertain. During your test, you risk losing points if you wait too long to turn.

Show Up on Time On Test Day

Don’t forget to arrive early on the day of your driving test. It’s tough to arrive late since you could miss the test or become disoriented in the centre from rushing.

The ideal method to study for your exam is to show up on time, calm and rested from a good night’s sleep. It’s also advised to schedule the last driving lesson with a certified instructor for an hour before your test. 

This can help you become comfortable behind the wheel before your test, calm your anxieties, and discuss any last-minute advice with your instructor.


On the day of the test, take a driving lesson to review the manoeuvres and get any questions about safe driving procedures answered. On the day of the test, taking a lesson helps you be composed and in the appropriate frame of mind for driving. 

Take the pre-learners safety course as soon as possible; it will teach you the driving techniques you need to start practising on Perth roads.

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