Speed limits in Australia - What you need to know

By Sina
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Throughout the Commonwealth of Australia, speed limits range from 5 kilometres per hour (KPH) to 130 K.P.H.  In the Northern Territories, 4 highways have speed limits of 130 K.P.H.

Speed limits in Australia (and everywhere else in the world for that matter) are generally geared towards specific areas or for specific functions.  For example, driving past schools, public swimming pools or other places where there may be a higher concentration of younger (or older) people will often attract a reduced speed limit, whereas highways and open roads where there is relatively minimal risk could see the limit increase to as much as 130 K.P.H. as explained above.

When it comes to foreign visitors to Australia, generally, international drivers licences are accepted in Australia for short or temporary stays and if the licence is not in English, then a certified translated version will need to be carried as well.

At Prestige Driving School, we offer a top-quality and comprehensive driver education program that helps prepare new drivers for the rigours of the Australian driving test system or new migrants to Australia who may not yet be comfortable with our driving laws or who may be from a country that drives on the other side (also known as the wrong side) of the road.

We will collect you 1.5 hours before your test, provide you with the use of your instructors’ car for the test and then get you back home too and we have a selection of programs that will work for you, no matter the level of proficiency you currently have.

You can ring us on 1 300 806 506 and we’ll get you motoring, in no time.

We are fully COVID compliant.

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