What is a hook turn?

By Sina
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When you attend the best driving school Melbourne has to offer, you’ll learn a range of driving techniques, including the U-turn and the Hook Turn.


Did you know that the hook turn is only performed in Melbourne and rarely seen anywhere else? If you plan to drive in Melbourne regularly, this is something you need to know before you get on the road!

At Prestige Driving School, we’ll teach you how to perform the best hook turn Melbourne has ever seen! Let’s take a look at how to do it:

How To Hook Turn

You must always make a hook turn at an intersection that has a ‘Right Turn from Left Only’ hook turn sign. This is a right hand turn that you make from a left hand lane. To complete a perfect hook turn, you have to follow these steps each time you do it:


  • Always approach the intersection from the far left hand lane
  • Your right indicator should be on at this point
  • Move forward to the other side, keeping as near as possible to the left of the intersection
  • Remain clear of any pedestrian crossings.
  • Stay at the lights until you are looking at a green one for the road you are turning into
  • Turn right into that road

What Is The Point of a Hook Turn?

Listen, we don't make the rules - we just help you to understand them. If you grew up in a small town, and ever needed to pass a tractor or a slow moving vehicle - you probably waved when the tractor pulled to the side of the road (while still moving) to let you pass. The concept is the same here. You are moving into the far left lane to ensure the traffic behind you can still move forward without waiting for your right hand turn.

We know you probably have experienced people with their hazard lights flashing moving slowly, who refuse to pull over also. Don't be that person!

What If You Don’t Play By The Rules?

As a driver, you need to follow the steps! There are fines and demerit points for those who deviate from the rules, and this is something you want to avoid!

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